Dr. Hashmi is a highly compassionate psychiatrist with substantial experience, spanning over 30 years in the field. He holds his Specialist Registration in General Adult Psychiatry and is well versed in the assessment and treatment of all forms of mental illness including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder He specialises in neurodiversity and has a special interest in Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). He delivers high quality, personalised patient care using the bio-psycho-social model. He has also excelled in more senior positions in almost all sub-specialties in psychiatry such as Learning Disabilities and Child & Adolescent Mental Health.

Committed to promoting the nation’s mental health and emotional wellbeing, impressively Dr Hashmi has dedicated most of his working career to the NHS and private practice. More recently he has developed a passion for creating online content and therapeutic tools for all to access to.