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Destructive and Impulsive Decision-Makers (DIDMs)

“Decisions in life always lie on a spectrum in terms of their magnitude and significance.
A lot of decisions, we don’t consciously recognise we are making, they seem to ‘just happen’. Some decisions, although often few and far between, are sensitive from the outset, and we tend to invest a lot of energy and effort into making them. We also tend to directly link the success of a decision to its outcome. Decisions are not always this black and white; there are confounding factors outside of our control that can have a big influence.
The risky, rather dangerous decisions tend to be the ones whereby we fail to recognise or disregard the seriousness of the outcome of what may appear to be an innocent or insignificant decision and therefore, make our decision as casually as we make a cup of tea. This can unintentionally lead to devastating outcomes, for example exceeding the speed limit when running late, which not only puts your life at risk but also others’ too.
Discover how to avoid being a Destructive and Impulsive Decision-Maker (DIDM) and watch your life transform! Learn how to implement simple, yet effective strategies to better navigate the decision-making process and gain an awareness of potential thinking traps that might be at play.”

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Out Now! Little Shouty! Available on Amazon!!

Meet Totu, a happy little girl who likes to shout…a lot! She shouts when she has big emotions such as anger and excitement! Join her on her journey as she embraces her new superpower- WORDS! She discovers that she does not need to shout to be heard. Instead, she can use her words to express how she feels and what she wants and needs.

A beautifully illustrated short story encouraging effective communication in the early years using relatable examples, modeling, and empowerment. Includes support for parents and caregivers to manage meltdowns and tantrums.

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New Book Out Now! Me and My Tics / A short story with beautiful illustrations about tics to support young children’s understanding of what they are and how our individual differences are what make us special and unique. This book, aimed at children from 2-8 years shines a positive light on tics- ideal for use by teachers in the classroom and other educational professionals to raise awareness and encourage acceptance in a sensitive and fun way. Available on Amazon

A small introduction about Depression and how to tackle it.

Bad words…Tips on how to help your child overcome it.